TCA Volleyball

What makes TCA different? A clear mission that resonates throughout our program: “What you believe, you become.” The foundation to all success is the setting and pursuit of stated goals. It is our stated goal at TCA to be the best and work with the best athletes in the country.   We expect all players to set a goal of excellence and in turn strive for it.   We know that the skills taught in volleyball can and will transfer into life skills off the court. We work on both the mental and the physical sides of the game with our athletes. We train them to work hard for what they want, and that giving up or giving in is never an option. At TCA we are principle centered. Although techniques are many and varied, principles on the other hand are few. We teach the values of commitment on and off the court. Of course, we cannot guarantee success, but we know that success takes guts and staying power to make it as an elite athlete. A total commitment on and off the court – at practice and even during off time is required of our athletes. Character counts and that character in a player is just as important as the athletic skills that our players possess.   Our older girls are expected to weight train, or perhaps attend sessions to help improve themselves in specific areas. We believe in good nutrition for athletic play, as well as for life. History proves that the culmination of all “little things” emphasizes the fact there are no the little things. All athletes, especially the great ones, understand and enjoy the mastery of little things. Those details, along with a lot of hard work, are imperative in the pursuit of long term success.   We work hard and we play hard. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. We are committed and that is what makes us different. We believe in competitive greatness, which means doing your best when your best is needed and enjoying the challenge of a difficult situation. Winning is the important but your daughter’s improvement is most important.    There is no substitute for hard work; there are no short cuts for success. There are no easy roads to achieve worthwhile goals. Everything precious in life requires goal setting, discipline, determination, persistence, commitment, and a passion to succeed. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that makes a TCA athlete different from others. For more information visit